About Us

About Us

Urban Gardens mission is to position each client on the path of growing to
greatness. We have the knowledge and the tools to grow a garden full of
life. At Urban Gardens, we take pride in being a family owned and operated
business, hence we focus on each client to give exceptional service. To
consistently grow our business, we thrive in researching the most
innovative and highest quality products on the market.

Urban Gardens is an indoor garden center for novice to expert gardeners,
who have the desire to grow to greatness. Innovations in new and cutting
edge trends are vital to bring our clients the best products on the
market. We have the tools and expertise these gardeners are searching for.

We are the only specialized indoor garden center in Marion, Ohio. Organic
and hydroponic gardening products are our specialty, including growing
media, lighting, nutrients, hydroponic systems, and much more for the
serious gardener. We are a destination for gardeners who are passionate
about growing.

At Urban Gardens, we focus on customer satisfaction, because our clients
are what keep us growing. We provide the best quality and the newest
trends at the best price guaranteed. We take the time to educate our
clients with the knowledge needed to grow high quality products.

Urban Gardens is a certified Hesi retailer, hence the only retailer within
forty miles. We carry products for indoor gardening that you won’t find
anywhere else in Ohio, such as, shrimp and seaweed compost. We focus on
educating, and carrying the products needed, for passionate gardeners.
We keep our store updated with the equipment and products necessary to
keep our clients satisfied.

Come on in, you will be surprised at the variety of products we offer.  
If we do not have the item you are looking for, we will have the item for you
promptly. Come grow with us, so we can help you grow to greatness!


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