Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Our goal on this page is to develop a complete knowledge base of Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find your question, please call us or email us. We will promptly answer your question and then submit it to our FAQ page.

Our ultimate goal, however, is to simply educate the hydroponics community, provide accurate information, superior service and ultimately earn your business. Simply put, we are different! We will always be available to answer questions and provide solutions to our customers and to those that are not our customers. Once you have dealt with our knowledgeable staff and see what a difference we make, you too will become a customer.

What is the best brand of nutrients?

After years of testing various nutrients and supplements, as well as working with all levels of growers, we have found that so much depends on the plant as well as the person mixing the nutrient. All of the brands we carry are top-notch, or we would not stock them. When choosing a nutrient or supplement, just ask for a recommendation. We have a tool to fix nearly any problem in your garden.

What is the difference between MH and HPS with regards to plant growth?

MH lamps provide more of the blue spectrum, which is ideal for leafy crops, and/or plants that are in a vegetative (actively growing) stage. MH lamps provide a more natural appearance in color and are typically the choice for plants that have little to no natural light available. HPS lamps provide more red spectrum, which is ideal for most plants that are actively fruiting and flowering. In addition, HPS lighting is the choice for growers looking to supplement natural sunlight. Ideally, growers will use MH to grow their plants and HPS to fruit and flower their plants.

What is the difference between HID and Fluorescent lighting with regards to plant growth?

Traditionally, fluorescent lighting was used for seedlings, cuttings and plants with low light-level requirements and HID was used for established plants and plants with higher light-level requirements. Advances in fluorescent lighting technology, however, have provided more options for horticulturists. T5 fluorescent lighting is the latest in plant growth lighting. T5’s high-light output combined with its low heat and energy consumption makes it an ideal light source to grow a broader array of plants.

What are the benefits of using T5 fluorescent lighting for plant growth?

T5 lamps promote incredible health and vigor of seedlings and cuttings. Root development is superior relative to other lighting sources. While T5 lighting is excellent for starting seeds and cuttings, it’s also able to produce enough light for vegetative growth. Because of their minimal heat output, T5 lamps can be placed a few inches above the plant canopy which maximizes photosynthetic response. T5’s slim diameter enables better photo-optic control of the emitted light, increasing efficiency in the form of even light distribution.


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