Nothing Better Than Fresh Fruit…

   Fruit commonly are divided into two categories, tree fruit and small fruit. For a few examples, small fruits are ones like strawberries and blueberries and tree fruits are apples, peaches and pears.

There are a few good reasons to grow your own fruit in your home garden or as part of your edible landscape. You can harvest the fruit at their peak and you can grow the ones you enjoy the most. There is no better tasting fruit than one grown fresh and harvested to your liking. Another benefit is having the ability of growing a variety of different fruits that can produce a crop from spring to fall, starting with strawberries in the spring and ending with apples in the fall.

When growing fruits, most plants need there flowers pollinated. There are two types of pollination, self-pollinated and cross-pollinated. Self pollinated is when the flowers on a plant are dusted with there own pollen and cross-pollination is when a plants flower needs to be pollinated by another cultivar, apples like McIntosh for example need another cultivar like the Golden Delicious to be planted nearby to supply the pollen needed to produce fruit.

Tree fruits, like apples and peaches for example can be a challenge to grow in the home garden because they are susceptible to pests that need to be controlled. With a little care you can control these problems with organic methods that wont need the use of a toxic chemical that can harm you and the environment.

Fruits grown in  the home garden are a crop that can be grown by natural organic methods, and can be grown without the use of toxic chemicals being sprayed on them like commercial growers use. This allows you to grow a healthier fruit for both you and the environment.

We represent real science and plant research. Gardening is not magic, it’s botany! Come visit us for solutions to almost any garden needs, questions and problems. You will find out quickly that we can help you get Bigger Yields of Better Produce!!!

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