Year After Year, Heirlooms Flourish…

Heirloom seeds are open pollinated and produce the same plant year after year. All you have to do is save the seeds and replant the following year. These seeds usually have a historical past to them and have been carried down from generation to generation.

Most seeds that are at retail stores are hybrid seeds, They are seeds that have had there genetics changed. They are the results of many different plants combined to create a new variety of plant. They usually produce more crop, produce a more uniform product than a heirloom plant and are usually disease and drought resistant.


The one thing that hybrids don’t hold anything to a heirloom, is there taste. There is nothing better tasting to than a true heirloom vegetable. They are a little harder to grow and need more care to raise than a hybrid but it is well worth every minute of the time.

A heirloom flower garden is an ideal way to attract wildlife to your yard. You can plant a garden to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and even create a natural environment that will shelter toads to aid in the insect control of your garden. Heirloom gardens are an exciting way to have generous, great tasting harvests year and year.


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